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The Bearing Manual provides interchange information on


more than 100 manufacturers of bearings and power transmission


equipment parts.



The Bearing Manual offers product drawings to help the user


measure and determine the accurate product replacement part.



Engineers benefit from the detailed dimensional information contained


in the Bearing Manual when designing new equipment.



Machinists use the Bearing Manual to determine machining


tolerances for manufacturing new or replacement parts.



Maintenance personnel benefit from the Special Bearings section in the


Bearing Manual that offers OEM part numbers with dimensional


and interchange information.



Engineers, maintenance personnel, machinists and purchasing agents


all use the extensive Symbols section that contains the definitions of


bearing symbolsóboth prefix and suffix are used by various bearing


manufacturers to identify the many types of bearings and their





The Educational Series section in Volume 3 provides in-depth


"How to" information including:

  • How to prevent bearing failure
  • How to maintain bearings
  • How to lubricate
  • How to install and remove spherical roller bearings
  • How to install self-locking collars
  • How to install set screw locking collars
  • How to install SKEWZLOC locking collars
  • How to select and use bearing pullers
  • ...and more


The Educational Series section may be reproduced for educational


 purposes.  It may be used for training on ball bearings, straight


 roller bearings and tapered roller bearings.

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